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Exam Results

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Results are not released on the day of the assessment but are issued as soon as possible afterwards. ABRSM aims to offer the highest standards of service in every aspect of its work and although this may mean a short wait for your results, our checking and moderating procedures are put in place with the teacher or candidate in mind.

Unless otherwise requested during entry, mark forms and certificates are posted to the applicant named on the entry form, whose responsibility it is to pass them on to candidates. Applicants also receive a list of candidates showing the results obtained by each.


In order to ensure that standards are maintained and consistent, results go through a detailed process of checking and moderating before they are released.

Practical Examinations

For practical examinations, the mark form gives a breakdown of the marks awarded for each section and the total number of marks as well as the examiner's comments.

Theory Examinations

 For theory examinations, the mark form gives a breakdown of the marks awarded for each question and the total number of marks. Theory papers are not returned after marking.


Diplomas are sent for review and ratification by one of our diploma committees. This process is a vital part of our quality assurance procedure and may take several weeks. As with all our exams, diploma results will be made available as soon as possible.


All successful candidates receive a copy of the mark form and a certificate that specifies the subject and grade in which they have been examined.