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#1270435 Best enquiry questions

Posted by Bantock on 07 October 2014 - 08:01

Phone rings in middle of lesson...

'Oh hello'
'Can you tell me who wrote Götterdämmerung '
'Er Wagner'
'OK thanks'
'Why do you need to know?'
'It's a crossword clue. I saw your name in yellow pages as a music teacher and thought you might know.'

Resumes lesson...
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#1280922 Not paying for late cancellation

Posted by Flowerpot on 04 February 2015 - 23:28

Well, after my firm but fair email she decided that she'd rather go elsewhere for lessons and said she wanted to go until half term but I said I would refund her for her lessons this month instead, as I didn't feel the remainder of our lessons would be very productive knowing that they'd be coming to an end.

Feels like a huge weight has been lifted, I won't be dreading Monday mornings anymore! Phew. Thank you for all the messages of support, am very glad I didn't let her off now!
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#1258675 What's Made You Happy Today.... ?

Posted by Misterioso on 13 June 2014 - 13:13

Thrilled to bits today to hear that younger son has got a 2:1 in his B Mus!  :woot:


It's been such a long journey for him due to various complications along the way so this is Seriously Good News!  :D

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#1300308 Coping with non-practising bores who make up the numbers?

Posted by Impressionist on 12 September 2015 - 19:23

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#1312793 To let go or not to let go....

Posted by BabyGrand on 30 March 2016 - 16:43

Well, I just wanted to add a rather unexpected update to this.  Two weeks ago this girl was asked to play something in a school end of term concert, so I helped her prepare a piece.  As usual, we had battles, this time with Dad wanting her to play a harder piece that wasn't ready, and her being typically resistant to playing the way I asked.  I forgot all about the concert after the lesson, until Mum texted me straight afterwards to tell me that she had played really well and did everything "exactly the way you have taught her"!  I wasn't sure what to make of that, but when she came for her lesson the next day she did indeed play beautifully - better than she has done for ages, and was actually doing everything I have spent months asking her to, whilst she refused to do it!!   :woot:  


Then Mum called me yesterday about something else, and couldn't wait to talk again about the concert.  She said that there were other children playing much harder music than her daughter (which has been a sore point), but to her they didn't seem to play it very musically or use good technique, and for some their music seemed too hard for them.  She said it was obvious that her daughter had been taught to play well, and even the music teacher at school had commented to her that she had noticed how my students were always well taught.   :blush:  :)  AND she said it now makes sense to her why I'm not in a rush to move on to harder pieces all the time and want my pupils to play the music at their level well before we move on, and develop good technique, and she's really glad that I do things the way I do!!!   :)  :)  :)


So, I may still need to win Dad over, but at least it seems like Mum is finally on board!  Hooray!!   :party2:

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#1254958 Can't think of a (polite) response as yet...

Posted by DaisyChain on 19 May 2014 - 23:06


Sorry..have been getting drunk  MamaDaisy home after her stay with me.  Thanks for your posts! 


Well, I got there and could hear Dragon Lady's dulcet tones upstairs.  I hastily sharpened Excalibur in readiness before she came down.  

In the meantime I had a chance to clear things up with Fair Damsel, I told her I was confused because of the text I'd had from DL saying that lessons would resume after exams etc. etc.  As I suspected, FD had no idea the text had been sent, and stressed again that as much as she enjoys her lessons, she does not want to take any exams and wished her mum would stop trying to force her into doing them.  She also confirmed that tonight is definitely her last lesson.


Enter the Dragon!   First thing she does is shove the papers for the Dof E in front of me.  "Please don't forget to complete these."  "Ok- I'll do them before I leave."  "We'll speak at the end of the lesson about FD's future."  Exit the Dragon.  :ninja:  :angry:


At the end, as I'm completing the papers, DL comes in.  Excalibur is poised and ready- darkness has descended and I'm ready to let battle commence.  She draws her sword first-

"I have been trying to convince FD that she needs to have half hourly lessons every week from now until she leaves for Uni.  Tell her that she should reconsider, and that she should be sitting music exams."

Having skillfully dodged the fire emanating from DL's mouth I ask "Why?  If she says she is going to be too busy and stressed, she does not need another pressure on top of that.  Besides, we've spoken already and FD has confirmed that tonight is her last lesson.  She has the basic skills to be able to pick up simple tunes to play should she wish to use the piano for relaxation. She does not want to do exams and I will not be entering her for any."  (Excalibur is seriously twitching by now).

"I feel as her mother that she should pursue her lessons.  As her teacher, I expect you to support me with this."

"As her teacher, and as FD is old enough to make up her own mind, I respect her wishes in this matter."

*The head goes back-- fire bursts forth and singes my eyebrows.  Excalibur is in danger of drawing blood now...*

"That is disrespectful to me.  You are in my home.  Convince FD she is to take her exams."

"I am going to say goodbye to you.  There is little more to be said now.  You can expect a letter from me in the next day or two.  All the best to you FD."


At that, I leave, and (joking aside) have never been so relieved.  I expected to have got an email by now, but so far it's been quiet.  I have sat here and written the letter,  Short and to the point, and ending with the fact that I will not  be going to their house any more to teach FD.  I have advised that there are plenty of other teachers in the area or they can look online.


Poor FD.  :(  But thank heavens I won't be going back there again.  Hateful woman! 

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#1319868 The 2016 Bench

Posted by jenny on 13 July 2016 - 14:23

Just got my Grade 1 pupil's result and I am so thrilled - he got 138!  As I said previously, this one meant a lot to me as it was the first practical exam since I moved here. So despite his worries about playing on a grand piano, he did brilliantly. So happy. :)   

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#1316113 video

Posted by EdGJ on 25 May 2016 - 10:24

Superfluous post - please refrain. 



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#1298414 What's Made You Happy Today.... ?

Posted by Maizie on 10 August 2015 - 15:13

It takes about fifty minutes to an hour to get to the hospital, so we leave an hour and a quarter to an hour and a half in advance (depending on who is driving and which route we are taking!)  Neither I nor my 'regular drivers' mind sitting in the waiting room for the extra time - we'd rather they delayed us than we delayed them, as they are trying to get through ~200 patients per day in the department.

Today the doorbell rings at about the right time, and I open the door expecting my dad who was driving today, and it is in fact my big brother.  He lives in Devon, though I knew he was staying with my mum for a few days this week, but I didn't know which days!  It was still my dad driving, just big bro came with us to visit us both during his flying visit!  So that was a nice surprise.

Got to the hospital, checked in at reception, sat down in the waiting room and glanced at my phone - 11.41am, appointment at 12.10pm, so managed the half hour early today - but like I said, not to worry, newspapers, books, chatting etc.  Just about to hunt my vest top out of my bag (which I wear for treatment but it's a bit uncovering for me to wear otherwise, so I change at the hospital) when I got called.  By the radiographer (having initially thought it was reception calling me back).  Yep, they really were ready for me - no idea what happened but there seemed to be some no-shows, so the machines were waiting on people to treat.

All done and out of there by noon, and we stopped at a nice place to eat on the way home.

So unexpected family visit, unexpected early appointment with no waiting and unexpected yummy lunch - which have all made me happy today :D

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#1269595 Best enquiry questions

Posted by dorabella x on 27 September 2014 - 10:28

This happened last week:   mother brought 13 yr old for a trial lesson. Mother to me "how old are you?"  Rather taken aback, I answered that I was in my early seventies, but fit and well. Mother's reply - "That's no good then - you will be dead before my daughter gets to grade 8".....

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#1263081 My first time sacking a pupil

Posted by Aquarelle on 19 July 2014 - 10:19



I hope your primary school head understands the difference; if not he/she may be doing 9 children a lot of good, but one child life-long irreperable harm.

 She does. She also understand that allowing one child to spit, kick, throw the furniture about  etc. and also destroy the work of "nine" others may be doing "the nine" irreparable damage so she asks parents to help by removing their child temporarily, with discussion and with suggestions about referral to those professionals who can help. Sometimes these suggestions are taken up, sometimes not. You cannot force parents to shoulder their responsibilities and schools here cannot refer children without parental cooperation.


Sorry to go off topic but just as limh feels - justifiably - very concerned about the  children in difficulty , I feel  - justifiably - very concerned about the others as I have too often seen the results of  the chaotic behaviour of individuals on the rest of the class.

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#1319206 The Things They Say

Posted by Latin pianist on 05 July 2016 - 17:43

I take exception to the remark that someone is too intelligent to accept the Christianity story. There are many academics including scientists who are devout Christians.
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