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Piano stool

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#1 Franek



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Posted 12 January 2018 - 17:42

I hope this is a correct forum for my topic. I tried to find a more dedicated one for equipment but General Forum seems to be the only one.

I am looking for a good advice on some good quality stools which will last longer than a year.

I have been having a very bad luck so far. My first stool was really cheap from Gear4music for about £30 but it broke after a short time. Then I tried one from Roland which also broke. I received a replacement but a new stool also broke :/ plus it was extremely squeaky. My wife bough another stool as a present for me. I was very happy because that one looked much more solid and robust then the others I had before. However, after sometime, the screws started coming out as if threads became worn out. I am trying to figure out what would be the reason the stools I had before broke so quickly. One thing could be my weight. I am a little bit over weighted but it is not extreme o.O    I also slightly increase height in stools; I need to sit slightly higher at piano.

I tried to find something more robust. I would not like to spend more than £150 but I wouldn't mind adding some extra £20. 

There are plenty of stools of "higher quality" in this price range, a couple of which I found on amazon. There are also professional stools that cost much more than I can currently afford. I have not excluded them from the list because I want to ask if they are worth the highest cost.


Below is the list. If anybody could advice or comment on this, I would be very grateful smile.png






1. Tozer

Example of extremely expensive stools.

https://www.amazon.c...rds=tozer stool


2. Symphony Piano Bench with Adjustable Height and Storage - Polished Ebony (FS311PE)




3. Cadenza Adjustable Leatherette Cushioned Deluxe Piano Stool - Polished Ebony

Its height is slightly larger than the others, which would be my choice.
Also, for extra £100, there is an alternative version with real leather. It is not important for me unless leather is more durable.



4. Stagg 11737 Concert Piano Bench


https://www.amazon.c...ert piano stool

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#2 jim palmer

jim palmer


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Posted 12 January 2018 - 22:45

Have you looked for piano stools on e-bay? Plenty of choice

https://www.ebay.co.... stool&_sacat=0

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#3 hummingbird



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Posted 12 January 2018 - 23:59

If you think weight-bearing might be an issue, it might be a good idea to contact some of the manufacturers and ask them for the weightbearing specifications for each of their stools.  Only the non-expensive stools that you've listed give a weightbearing figure (each one of them showing the same conveniently rounded figure wink.png ).  Do you have any piano shops nearby?  They might be able to recommend a sturdy stool.



I hope this is a correct forum for my topic. I tried to find a more dedicated one for equipment but General Forum seems to be the only one.

Have you seen the Piano forum in the Viva Network of the ABRSM forum - https://www.abrsm.or...php?showforum=7  I remember when I was new that it too me a while to realise that there were separate forums for each instrument family as the Viva Network wasn't immediately obvious.  Having said that, the General Music forum is likely to be looked at by most pianists anyway, but it's worth having a look at the Piano forum smile.png

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#4 Jabba



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Posted 13 January 2018 - 09:47

If you like the stool your wife bought you, why not take it to your nearest joiner/shopfitter/handyman? They will screw and glue your stool for a fraction of the cost of a new one and well fixed joints should last a lifetime.
I fixed a wobbly, creaking piano stool that was given to me more than 4 years ago and it's still sound and at 20 stones bodyweight, I'm not exactly easy on furniture. :)
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#5 becster


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Posted 16 January 2018 - 06:01

I've not been happy with new stools at around the price you've suggested. Lots of breakage! I have, however, been very happy with a second hand stool at that price. EBay has been suggested above. I got a great stool, second hand, from a piano shop in Horsham for £150. It's doing well so far...
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