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#1350450 OMG! OMG! OMG!

Posted by susiejean on 06 April 2018 - 16:18

They're in. 

And I immediately burst in to tears.

LCM Grade 8 drum kit.


What a massive contrast to the Trinity Rock & Pop result from Dec 2016. 44/100

I REALLY didn't expect this result. So SO proud of myself. blush.png

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#1340456 Thinking of packing it in

Posted by edgmusic on 01 September 2017 - 21:07

As I am on line
Apologies if you are not.
But are you trolling? It's against forum rules.
If you want to 'retire' do it. It's your decision. Go get a "low status role working for a big company". [/size]
How can we offer advice as you have the figures to make a living out of teaching or not!\[/size]
Stop wasting people's time.


A bit harsh, I feel. I saw nothing in the post to suggest trolling.

The poster is having doubts about continuing and looking for support and advice from others on the forum. That's what we are for. Many teachers on here have probably had similar feelings at some time over the years.

I found your blunt response very unhelpful and disappointing.
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#1349489 New Data Protection Laws - GDPR - will affect us all. Here’s some help

Posted by ma non troppo on 19 March 2018 - 09:25

I intend to take no action and change nothing. I'll let you know if I am prosecuted. I'll post details of my 'go fund me' account when that happens. Don't hold your breath! ;)
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#1300308 Coping with non-practising bores who make up the numbers?

Posted by Impressionist on 12 September 2015 - 19:23

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#1273181 Was told that Grade 8 means nothing. Thoughts?

Posted by UnnaturalHarmonics on 10 November 2014 - 10:45

"If you are playing lots of concerts in your orchestras you must think about what you are putting your audience through"

:D That was my favourite bit. I expect I shall soon be hearing from the solicitors of anyone who has witnessed me and my horn in concert action.

My response would be along the lines of:

'I have considered your thoughtful post, agreed you are SPOT ON and have consequently been motivated and inspired to write to ALL the amateur orchestras in the UK requesting they either please desist at once (you're quite right, those poor audience members, forced to attend with no recourse to subsidised post-traumatic stress counselling afterwards), or hire exclusively professional musicians going forward. I feel sure that these measures will serve to raise the currently dire standards of music in the country as they will encourage participation, ensure thriving and diverse community opportunities and provide the means for members to develop personally while pursuing a hobby they can enjoy at the same time.

Oh, and I gave them your address as a reply-to. Hope that's ok. xxx'
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#1356635 Feeling fed up with teaching

Posted by BadStrad on 03 September 2018 - 12:38

I think anyone who fears for their mental health in a job like private music teaching should consider other options.
I don't expect this to be a popular opinion but taking up piano teaching after working in the NHS for a couple of decades I can hardly believe the joy in the autonomy of deciding for myself how I will do things, even to the extent of choosing my clients. Not a thing I could do in my previous career, however bad they smelled, however challenging their behaviour or hopeless the case.
I'm sorry - the stress levels are just not on the same graph.

It is impossible to say what the causes and scale of someones suffering may be and so any comparison is pointless. Everyone has a different tolerance to individual stressors. I was recently chatting to a fire fighter. I could not imagine coping with having to run into burning buildings. The fire fighter could not imagine coping as a teacher.

The lack of autonomy, respect, resources etc are undeniable stressors for NHS workers, but there are also benefits, perhaps the support of co-workers, regular income, hopefully a decent line manager and the patients come and go relatively quickly, care is by the nature of shift patterns a team effort, not a solo one, for example.

A lone teacher has no co-workers to turn to (hence forums like this, I guess). Pupils turn up every week (more or less) demanding full attention whilst sometimes giving nothing in return but expecting miracles. For some teachers that can lead to feelings of failure, of being in the wrong job, of not being good enough, of failing their pupil. There are no co-workers to share with when things don't work. Teaching is intense and many teachers become emotionally invested in their pupils' development as a musician. Some teachers have experienced bullying tactics from parents, or pupils. The isolation, the feeling of "having" to find an answer, with no one to turn to, the sense of ongoing failure are stressors which could lead to anxiety or depression. Different to the stresses in the NHS, but equally valid for the person experiencing them, and no less real.

I suppose you could also say that anyone working in the NHS must know to some extent what to expect before they apply, the media are full of stories about the stress, shortages, violence against staff, etc. (It amazes me that anyone would work there, but I am so glad that they do.) Similarly there are media stories about the stresses of being a school based teacher. Private tutors mostly get the "let's regulate them" kind of story. So, likewise, it is amazing that anyone applies to work in a school any more and why private tutoring must seem like a better, less stressful option. "Teachers to be" probably imagine tutoring will be "nice" (but enjoyably challenging) because their lessons were. Finding out that it is not always like that can be a bit of a shock (to say the least) as countless threads have shown.

Many people function in the world, as doctors, nurses, teachers, chefs, electricians... with mental health issues. It doesn't mean they should quit their jobs, or that they made the wrong career choice. You can love your job and still find aspects of it stressful to the point of breaking. It could be said that the more you care about your work, the easier it is to be affected by it.
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