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Aaaaaaaaaggghh - The Scream Thread!

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#19516 mel2



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Posted 10 December 2018 - 11:58

Ye-es. Thought they were all the same thing, really (although that's probably the sort of thing that gets all the Druids and other latter-day celts and wotnot into a lather.)
Tell you what though, I shall be looking for a nice couple of logs (got some in the garage somewhere) onto which I will fasten some fir cones and holly and will ignite the fire pit on the appropriate day and stick some candles into jars.
Yay! Where's the sausages.....
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#19517 Sylvette


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Posted 13 December 2018 - 21:38

I like TV's use of winter solstitial festival.  I tend to wish people a cool yule at this time of year.  

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#19518 Bagpuss



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Posted 14 December 2018 - 09:27


The Bag has had the fortnight from Arghhhhhhhh-Land.  She has been shouted at, sworn at, humiliated in front of a colleague and treated like something rather sticky and unpleasant.  At one point I the Bag was crying so much her whiskers got very stuck together and she was unable to drive home until they dried off.  She has had to chase a significant amount of unpaid fees in order to pay for emergency electrical work in the Bag Cat Basket.  Was on duty from  07.15 - 17.15 for ABRSM session yesterday - setting up the room (takes AGES because the person responsible for said room leaves it in an embarrasingly awful state), accompanying, stewarding, grovelling nicely to examiner (lovely boy - looked about 12) and smiling a smile that progressively got more and more like that normally found residing happily inside a padded cell and a straight jacket.

So, collapsed in a heap with half a glass of bubbly last night but fell asleep (unsurprisingly) and woke this morning to find said half glass still there.  So, at 05.47 I washed my vegan sausage down with said beverage.  Oddly enough I now feel buoyant and enthusiastic for my 10.30 home pupil.......

Fa la la....

Baglinsky the Bad x

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#19519 Zixi


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Posted 14 December 2018 - 09:52

@Bagpuss - enjoy the buoyant feeling and let the other stuff take care of itself. Live the now; this moment when you feel good thing... People can be unthinking and do unkind things. I fear sometimes they just don't (for whatever reason) put sensibility (or brain) in gear and they don't ask: How would I feel if someone did that to me?!!!! I'm now hoping the rest of the day and the weekend are jolly, fun and filled with kind people! wink.png

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#19520 Cyrilla



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Posted 14 December 2018 - 23:17

I echo wot Zixi sed, Bag.


Personally I feel like telling most of the world to *go away* just at the moment.


That desert island looks increasingly attractive...



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