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Piano in sams room as long-burner?

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#1 pianoliz



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Posted 10 August 2017 - 10:50

I'm about to acquire a second piano and am trying to decide where is best to locate it. The best space in the house and the best room for acoustics is the living room; which also has a log-burner! It's a big room and the piano would be over 4m from the burner. I've been told log-burners aren't as bad as radiators but I'm still worried about putting it there; although the log-burner isn't required for heat we do like to use it at weekends during winter. Thoughts? Is it a really bad idea? It's a Yamaha U1A and belongs to my mother who can, sadly, no longer play so is giving it to her grandchildren.
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#2 BadStrad



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Posted 10 August 2017 - 11:32

The main problem with radiators is that they produce dry heat and that's a problem for wood based furniture and pianos. A log burner produces atmospheric water, so isn't as drying. So from that point of view, yes a log burner is better than a radiator (for a piano).

I supose one thing to think about is how does the heat feel when you're sitting on the sofa? If it's pleasently cosy then maybe a piano 4m away will be OK. If you're being blasted with heat then the piano might suffer.
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Posted 10 August 2017 - 11:41

I used to keep my piano in the same room as a log-burner, several metres from it. Like you, we use it as back-up during the winter at weekends. It shared the same room for some years, and there was no noticeable detrimental effect on the piano, although if your log-burner gives off a lot of dust, you may want to keep the piano lid closed when it's not in use. I didn't move my piano from that room because of the log-burner, but just because I changed my teaching-room for other reasons. If you are really worried, perhaps you could check with a piano supplier / tuner. To be honest, though, aren't most pianos in homes just a few metres from one heat source or another?

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#4 Digby



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Posted 10 August 2017 - 13:41

One thing my tuner has suggested to one of my pupils who has the piano near a radiator and also has a log burner in the same room is a bowl of water near by to help regulate the dryer atmosphere.  The only downside to this is the cat thinks it's an alternative water source.

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#5 Espresso Addict

Espresso Addict


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Posted 11 August 2017 - 00:51

It might depend on the output of the log burner; we have a large, high sitting room with a huge log burner that's only used occasionally, and were advised not to put a piano in the room, even at a substantial distance, because of the big temperature increases when the log burner is in use. We were contemplating a heat screen, but ended up buying a smaller baby grand and putting it in another room.

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