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Creating an account

How to create your ABRSM account

Before you book exams, you will need to register and create an ABRSM account. You must be aged 18 or over to book exams.

Candidates of any age can also have accounts and must have one to take an online Music Theory exam. 

Who can take Performance Grades

Step-by-step guide to creating your account

1. Click Login/Register at the top of the page or click here

2. Select your ‘Territory’ to tell us where you live.  

3. Complete all the fields marked with a red asterisk.  You may find the following information helpful:

  • Username - your username cannot be your email address or include the @ symbol. It must also be unique. 
  • Email verification - once you have entered your email address click 'Send Verification Code' and you will receive a code via email. The email will be from Microsoft on behalf of abrsmglobalb2c. Enter the code in the box and click ‘Verify code’. Keep the account page open while you retrieve the code.  
  • Contact ID - if you haven’t booked ABRSM exams before, leave this blank. Once you’ve created your account we’ll give you a Contact ID. Candidates will be given a Contact ID once they’ve been entered for an exam. If a candidate (parent/carer) wishes to create an account, they should enter this Contact ID along with their date of birth when they register. Contact IDs appear on all communications about exam bookings and results. 

4. Once you’ve completed the form, tick the Privacy Policy box to confirm you’ve read our Privacy Policy, then click 'Register’. 

5. Complete your marketing preferences to tell us how we can contact you in the future. To receive updates about our exams, assessments, publications and other resources, please opt in. You can change your preferences at any time.

6. Click 'Save and continue' to create your account. 

Cancelling an exam

Candidate accounts

Candidates of any age can have an ABRSM account even if they have not made the exam booking. Parents/carers can create this account on behalf of a child, but the account must be in the child's name. 

All candidates taking online Music Theory exams must have an account. For other exams they are optional.  

With an account, candidates can: 

  • View information about exams and results 
  • Reschedule some exams  
  • Upload a digital Performance Grade or ARSM video 
  • Access an online Music Theory exam 
  • View their results and mark forms after we’re released them to the applicant 
How to create a candidate account

If the applicant (the person who books the exam) includes the candidate’s email address in their exam booking, then the candidate will automatically receive an email confirming the booking and inviting them to create an account. This email will also include the candidate’s Contact ID, which they need to enter with their date of birth when they create their account. 

Alternatively, once an exam has been booked, the candidate can request their Contact ID from the applicant and then go to our website to create an account. 

Candidates creating an account before booking any ABRSM exams should leave the Contact ID field blank when registering. 

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