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Online Music Theory update - following the global IT outage on 19 July, online Music Theory exams are now available again.  

You can find answers to common questions on our website 

  • Follow the links below to find information about all aspects of our assessments. 
  • On this page you can also find information about help and support during an online Music Theory exam and local ABRSM contacts and representatives.

If you can't find the answer you need, our customer service team will be happy to help 

  • Contact them by phone (see below) or using the form at the bottom of the page.  
Online Music Theory

If you need technical help during an online Music Theory exam, contact PSI customer support directly.  Our own customer support team cannot help with technical problems.    

For help with the Music Theory Practice Platform, visit the Practice Platform page where you can find FAQs and a contact form for sending us your questions.

Contact your local representative (outside the UK and Ireland)

Our local representative for your country or region can help with many questions about our exams and assessments. 

Our Diversity and Inclusion Journey
Contact our customer service team

If you can't find the answer to your question, our customer service team will be happy to help. Our priority is to support customers who are booking or taking exams. It will help us to respond more quickly if you contact us by phone for urgent questions and use the contact form below for anything else. 

Contact us by email 

Send us your question using the form at the bottom of this page.   

Contact us by phone  

Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 1.00pm (UK time) 

+44 (0)20 7636 5400 

Where to find us

Our London office is in Salter’s Hall in the City of London. The entrance is on Fore Street. 

Our postal address is:  

4 London Wall Place 

Music Medals
Contact form

Here are some FAQs that may help you with your enquiry:

1. Trouble logging in or Forgotten Username and/or Password
Please use the latest version of our online booking/exam service, available from our homepage: Login. Click ‘retrieve your username’ to make sure this is correct. If necessary you can also update your password. Both of these are self-service links on the log in page. 

2. Exam booking amendments
Applicants (and candidates with an account) can make minor amendments to a booking through their account. For details see our FAQ. If you need to cancel a booking our Withdrawals, Non-attendance and Fee Refund Policy will apply.

3. Face-to-face Exam Booking: Postpone/Reschedule, Cancellation and Late Booking
Once a face-to-face or Performance Grade exam is booked into an exam session, it is not possible to postpone or transfer that booking to a later exam session. The self-service options to reschedule the exam up to 3 days before the date of the existing booking, or make a late booking, will be available approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the booking period has closed. Both these services are not guaranteed, and subject to availability within the exam session dates. Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy, with updated guidance due to COVID.

4. Change an existing booking from Practical Grade to Performance Grade, or vice versa
It is not possible to change an existing exam entry to a different type of exam. You will need to cancel your existing booking and make a new booking. Cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy.

5. Exam dates
Now available here: Dates and Fees

6. Proof of pre-requisite for entry to Practical or Performance Grade 6-8
If you have received notification by email to provide proof of Grade 5 Music Theory or equivalent, please send a photocopy or scan of the certificate to [email protected]. Please include the Candidate’s name and Contact ID for reference.

Here are some FAQs that may help you with your enquiry:

Digital instrumental and singing exams – expiry emails

Due to a technical problem, you may receive an exam expiry email in error. If you have already uploaded an exam video or do not have any active bookings for digital Performance Grade or ARSM exams, you can ignore this email. We are working to fix the problem, in the meantime we’re sorry for any concern this causes.

1. Booking
Digital Performance Grade and ARSM exams are available on demand. There are no booking periods or exam sessions. Instead, you can book, pay and submit the exam video whenever you are ready. You can submit the video when you book or at any time during the following 28 days. See How to book.

2. Performance Grade guidance
Read our Guidance document and watch our Recording Guidance video for all essential information

For booking help see: How to book step by step

3. Submitting a Performance Grade exam video
Watch our recording guidance film to find out how to submit an exam video. The latter part of this video will show you step by step how to upload the video. Written guidance is on the Guidelines page.

Once you have booked you have 28 days to submit the exam video. You can view the deadline (date and time) for submitting the video in your booking. Please allow enough time to upload your recording, as we cannot accept late submissions.

4. How does a parent/candidate create an account to upload a Performance Grade video?
The person making the booking (the applicant) should enter an email address for the candidate or their parent/carer. We then send the candidate an email inviting them to create an account. The account must be set up in the candidate’s name, using their Contact ID so that it connects to the original booking.

5. Cancellations
Once a booking is confirmed, cancellations are subject to our cancellation policy. It is not possible to postpone or transfer an existing exam booking.

6. Proof of pre-requisite for entry to Practical or Performance Grade 6-8
If you have received notification by email to provide proof of Grade 5 Music Theory or equivalent, please send a photocopy or scan of the certificate to [email protected]. Please include the Candidate’s name and Contact ID for reference.

Music Theory Support

For exam guidelines, video demonstrations and practice papers go to our Online Music Theory pages.

Online Music Theory Results: Results will be published online to the applicant approximately four weeks after the date of the exam. For more details see Results and Certificates.

Help and support – for technical help, contact PSI Customer Support. Live chat is available on the Bridge software or you can phone them. You can find the number for your country under ‘Help and support’ on our Guidance page

To start the music theory exam, log into the candidate account. If the candidate doesn’t have an account, they will need to create one. For online Music Theory booking and result enquiries, please contact ABRSM using this form. We will not be able to help with technical difficulties during your exam.

Music Theory Grade 6-8
Exam dates in your territory are available here: Exam dates

Detailed information about Private Visits is available here: Private Visits.

For booking assistance as a Visit Organiser or Permitted Applicant see How to book Private Visits.

For booking assistance and entry forms for Diploma exams (DipABRSM, FRSM and LRSM) see Diploma Exams.

For information about Music Medals and a link to our Music Medals online service: Music Medals

Syllabus FAQ

Syllabus validity and overlap periods
For information regarding Syllabus overlap periods where candidates may follow specific requirements from the preceding syllabus, please see information here: Syllabus overlap information.

Do I have to play repeats in the exam?
Da capo (DC) and dal segno (DS) indications should be followed but other repeats (including first-time bars) should not be played, unless stipulated in the syllabus. However, very short repeats may be played at the discretion of the teacher or candidate.

I have a copy of a piece in the syllabus, but it’s a different edition from the one listed. Can I use my copy for the exam?
You can use any edition of the music unless the syllabus specifies a particular arrangement or transcription. Always check the syllabus.

The syllabus I’ve been working on has changed. Can I use pieces from last year’s syllabus in my exam this year?
We offer an overlap period in the first year of a new instrumental/singing syllabus. During the overlap period, candidates may follow specific requirements from the preceding syllabus. Please visit this page for full details.

Can I use a photocopy of the music in my exam?
You should not make or use photocopies unless you have written permission from the publisher. You are allowed to photocopy individual pages in order to avoid a tricky page turn, but only if the publisher of the piece is signed up to the Music Publishers’ Association (MPA) Code of Fair Practice. The Code of Fair Practice is available at and participating publishers are listed in Appendix C.

Other queries
Please ensure that you read the exam information and regulations, the syllabus for your exam or assessment, our guide to music exams and our full Syllabus FAQ page as your query may be answered in these resources. 

Please refer to our Specific Needs Guidance for further information regarding our processes for candidates with specific needs and access requirements.

Certificate amendment and reprint request 

Before we can amend or reprint a certificate, we need to find and verify the result. To ensure we can do this, it’s important that you provide as much information as possible when completing your form.  

If you need to make more than one request, for different candidates or exams, please submit a separate form for each.  

Our certificate amendment and reprint service is available for exams taken from:

  • 1993 onwards in the UK
  • 2006 onwards in Hong Kong  
  • 2001 onwards in all other countries  

Visit our results and certificates page for information about:

  • Certificate reprints for exams taken before the above dates
  • What to do if you think a certificate is lost in the post 

Digital certificates

  • If digital certificates are available in your country, you can order a certificate reprint through your ABRSM account. This applies for any exams booked using our current online service – from 2020 onwards in the UK and Ireland, from 2021 onwards in all other countries.  
  • For amendments to digital certificates please use the form below.  

ABRSM Shop: Use this contact form for shop enquiries only 
Please use the contact form below to speak with the customer service team for the ABRSM Shop regarding sheet music and digital sheet music downloads. Alternatively, you can give them a call on +44 (0)161 946 9330

Audio Downloads
For any issues or questions regarding the purchase or download of audio tracks from our Audio Downloads site, please send an email to [email protected]

All our Apps have a dedicated email address for enquiries so that we can respond to questions and concerns more directly. Please go to our Practice Tools and applications page. Click on the relevant App and then use the contact form for the fastest way to contact the team.

Exam enquiries
For enquiries relating to a current exam booking please choose from the list options above.

Exam bookings
For information on how to create your account and book an exam, see our exam booking page.

Music Theory Practice Platform
Use the form below to contact our support team. Please specify your device type and model, and operating system if you know them.

General enquiries
If your enquiry does not relate to any of the areas highlighted above, please fill in the below form.

Please provide your contact ID (if you have one).
Your organisation (if applicable).

What we do with your information
​​​​​​ABRSM and ABRSM Publishing will use the personal information that you provide in accordance with applicable data protection laws and our privacy policy (see We will process your personal information to carry out our obligations under any contract between you and us, and where otherwise reasonably necessary for our purposes. ABRSM is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z6618494. ABRSM Publishing is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z6329415.

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