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Piano Practice Partner

Piano Practice Partner helps you by playing one hand so you can play the other as you learn.

Using Piano Practice Partner also enables slow practice, one hand at a time, while still retaining the musicality of the recorded performance. It's as if a professional pianist is sitting next to you as you practise! 

Piano Practice Partner is available for iOS and Android devices in both smartphone and tablet versions, from iTunes and Google Play. The app comes with three free examples from a range of grades. 

Download Piano Practice Partner


  • Practice each hand separately to improve your fluency – focus on your left hand technique while Practice Partner plays the right hand, for example. 
  • Make practice more musical and enjoyable by having a virtual partner to play along with. 
  • Personalise it! Choose from over 20 different hands to customise your Practice Partner. 
  • Improve your control and general piano technique, helping you to become a more fluent pianist. 
  • Improve your sense of pulse! Use the unique guide function to help you count rests and tempo adjustments. 
  • Slow down or speed up the music to a tempo that suits you, for slow careful practice. 
  • Set loops to repeat parts of your piece if you need to focus on one section.
Piano Practice Partner FAQs
Why is there no option to switch on the guide for some recordings?

A guide has been provided where there is a long rest in one or both hands, or where there is a difficult change in tempo. Some pieces do not feature either of these so do not have a guide option. 

I’ve lost access to my in-app purchased pieces. What do I do?

If you change your device or delete the app, you may find that your purchased pieces don’t appear in the app. You can restore these by going to Menu>Your Pieces>Restore your pieces. Please note that you must be signed in to your device with the Apple ID or Google Play account you used to purchase the pieces with. 

The playback skips/jumps on my Android device? Why is this?

The Android version is available for any device running version 3.0 (Honeycomb) or above, but due to the intensive real-time audio processing used in Piano Practice Partner performance may not be optimal on older or less powerful devices. 

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