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Aural Trainer

Our award-winning app offers an exciting way for students to practise aural skills and is now available for Grades 1 to 8.

Through a series of interactive challenges, users can learn to identify and describe musical features and differences quickly and accurately. Together, Aural Trainer 1-5 and Aural Trainer 6-8 cover all the individual elements of ABRSM aural tests including sight–singing and echo tests. Aural Trainer can be used anytime and anywhere to prepare effectively for exams or develop your aural skills.

ABRSM Aural Trainer is compatible with iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®. 

Aural Trainer 6-8

Aural Trainer

Aural Trainer is not designed to replace conventional approaches to aural practice but to supplement them. It allows personal practice between lessons, without access to a piano, wherever and whenever the user wishes. It’s the perfect way to fit short bursts of practice into your normal routines. 

Aural Trainer 1-5

Aural Trainer 1-5 includes:

  • Interval trainer 
  • Exercises covering: 
  • Pulse and metre 
  • Echoes 
  • Differences 
  • Melodic repetition 
  • Sight-singing 
  • Musical features 
  • Rhythmic repetition 
  • Metre 

Download Aural Trainer 1-5

For iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad® 

Aural Trainer 6-8

Aural Trainer 6-8 includes: 

  • Cadence trainer 
  • Exercises covering: 
  • Melodic repetition 
  • Sight-singing 
  • Chords 
  • Modulations 
  • Musical features 
  • Rhythmic repetition 
  • Metre 

Download Aural Trainer 6-8

For iPhone®, iPod touch® and iPad®

Aural Trainer FAQs
Is there a version available for Android devices?

We cannot, at this stage, confirm for definite when an Android release might be available or provide any further information about potential compatibility for specific devices. 

Is there a version available for desktop and laptop computers?

Aural Trainer was built specifically as a mobile app. The design of the application and its exercises is founded on use of mobile and touch-screen technology, both of which enable the patterns of use and types of interaction required for this particular mode of learning. In many cases, mobile and tablet apps are unique strands of technology that are quite distinct from desktop and laptop software. 

In Differences sometimes a note gets longer but the application tells me the change was to a dotted rhythm. Why?

When identifying a change in rhythm the change to and from dotted rhythms can be a little ambiguous. For example, making an even rhythm dotted involves lengthening a note but also shortening another. The response expected by Aural Trainer is the one that best matches the ‘feel’ of the change in line with expected responses to be given in an exam. 

I am sure I sang all the notes right in Sight-singing but the app thinks I got some/all of them wrong. Why?

There are a few possible reasons for Sight-singing misreading your sung notes. 

You can sing the notes at any octave but the app needs to identify which octave by analysing the first note you sing. If this first note is not recognised as a pitch (e.g. some background noise was recorded instead of a pitch) the remaining notes will not be detected. 

‘Leaping’ octaves can lead to incorrect feedback from the sight-singing exercises. 

Ambient noise can affect the recording of any note. To reduce ambient noise problems: 

  • Try to reduce noise in the room to a minimum. 
  • Sing confidently into the microphone of your device to ensure better pitch detection. 
  • Using headphones with a built-in microphone will reduce ambient noise and increase pitch detection reliability. 
Can I share Aural Trainer via Family Sharing?

Apple makes it possible to share some types of purchases with members of your family via Family Sharing such as apps, music and films. However, it is not possible to share in-app purchases via Family Sharing. 

If you wish to share Aural Trainer via Family Sharing, you must purchase the full version of the app directly from the App Store. It is not possible to share the in-app upgrade of Aural Trainer Lite because it is an in-app purchase. Find out more about Family Sharing

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