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Choral Singing

About Choral Singing exams 

We've designed our Choral Singing exams to support and motivate a wide range of choirs. They are face-to-face assessments that are open to singers of any age. 

Whether you’re a singer, teacher or director, we hope these exams inspire and support your music learning or teaching.  

Why do a Choral Singing exam?

Preparing for and taking a Choral Singing exam can help to give choirs a sense of progression and achievement from the earliest stages upwards. 

There are three levels of exam: 

  • Initial – for singers of around Grade 1 to 3 standard 
  • Intermediate – for singers of around Grade 4 to 5 standard 
  • Advanced – for singers of around Grade 6 to 8 standard 
Programme forms
What’s in the exam

In the exam your choir performs vocal exercises followed by three or more contrasted choral works of their own choice.   

You can find full details, including exam requirements and assessment information, in the Choral Singing Syllabus, available to download on this page.  

Download a syllabus

Download the full Choral Singing syllabus below.

More information

To book, please download and complete the entry form available on this page and send it to us with your payment.  

To take a Choral Singing exam you will need to organise a Private Visit as we cannot offer these exams at our Public Venues. 

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